Porsche Oil Change includes:

Porsche Oil Change Service

• Motor Oil is removed and replaced with a new premium synthetic Porsche® Oil.
• Oil filter is removed and replaced with a new Original Porsche® oil filter.
• Eco-Friendly Porsche® oil change, including elimination/recycling of oil and oil filters.
• Service interval indicator or condition based service is reset according to factory specifications.
• Multi-Point check including brakes, power steering and air conditioning belts , air filter , and tires to wear and alignment.
• Coolant levels are checked; when refilled, concentration of fluids is checked.
• Fluids level and antifreeze additive in windshield washer fluid reservoir are checked and fluid is topped off, if needed.
• Check brake fluid level and the corresponding interval indicator.
• Free Hand Car Wash

Prestige Auto Tech has the latest technology and tools for your Porsche® oil change plus we have a team of experts ready to assist you with the most complete knowledge to make the right decision for your Porsche® Car.

Our Porsche Repair Team has extensive experience dealing with a wide range of Porsche issues, which include:

Tire Troubles: Whether your tires are unbalanced, poorly aligned or simply in need of replacement, we can restore them to their full working condition.
Engine Issues: We perform a wide range of repairs on faulty or outdated engines. For more comprehensive damage, we can rebuild the engine or replace it entirely.
Ineffective Exhaust: We repair exhaust pipes, mufflers and catalytic converters, striving to keep your vehicle safe and silent.
Compromised Air Conditioning: Your air conditioner may be suffering from condenser issues, a leaky vacuum or a mere lack of free-on. We address and eliminate all these problems.
Power Problems: If your battery keeps dying, your lights are not bright enough or your ignition system is not working properly, we can quickly resolve the issue.
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